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Best LED Track Lighting

In modern times, the use of LED strip lights has increased. They are considered the appealing option available in the market, and they change the ambiance of the place wherever they are installed.

It is one of the greatest innovations in the era of the 21st century. The usage of these beautiful and innovative lights has increased to such an extent that it has a wide range of options available nowadays. 

LED track lighting strips are one such variety. They are the most widespread and inexpensive lighting solutions available in the market. If you are interested to know more about the lights, then this article is for you.

It will help you know everything essential for you when thinking of choosing the LED track lighting fixtures.

What is Track Lighting?

Track lighting is made up of fixtures known as “heads” or “bullets” that are attached to a “track.” Electrical conductors in the trail, or monorail, strengthen each LED track lighting head, which casts light across your space.

The track is very flexible because of its features like adjustability and durability. Moreover, they are the best option for any architectural structure because of their adaptability.

There are different types of LED track lighting available. 

For accent, indirect lighting, consider LED strip lights.

Let’s have a look at the variety of track lighting.


Types of LED Track Lighting

The LED track is of three types; read ahead to know about each one of them.

  • LED Track Lighting Kits:

In this type of track, two different types are handy and give you everything you are looking for.

  1. The first type of LED track light is simple to use. It just needs to be installed into the ceiling crossing, similar to other fixtures. The light heads in the track offer various features like:
  • Adjustable swing bar
  • Pivot heads
  • Can be rotated <sunotes=”nop”>
  1. The second type of track offers you more features than the first one. The light heads come with various features, which include: 
  • Adjustable heads
  • Can move back and forth.
  • Linear LED Track:

This is a type of track strip that is up to 8 feet in length. It consists of a connector to join the pieces. This can help you in giving a customized look to your room. You are free to choose the lights and place them at the position of your choice.

  • Monorail Track System:

These are the flexible pieces of track that can be shaped easily. The best part is that they hang down from the ceiling and give a contemporary look to your room.

Advantages of Track Lights

If you are looking for ways the LED track lights can benefit you, then, please read further. Below are the various advantages of the track lights –

  • The flexibility to reposition and modify each head independently to personalize the lighting in your spaces.
  • Certain systems allow you to select the spots along the track where each bullet should be placed.
  • Depending on the style of your room, it can be mounted on both ceilings and walls.
  • Low-voltage halogen lamps and energy-efficient heads are just a few of the alternatives available.

Where to Use LED Track Light Fixtures?


If you are unsure where you can use the LED track lighting fixtures, we have a few suggestions—the place where these lights look the best.

  • LED Track Lighting for Corridors

One of the places where you can place the LED track lighting is the corridor. You can undoubtedly illuminate the place with one or two bulbs, but using the track can always add to its beauty. The LED track lights can skillfully complete the gloomy entrances in your residence or workplace. The lights will light up your way, and you can control it with a single switch that can turn these beautiful lights on or off.

  • LED Track Lighting for Guest Room

If you wish to illuminate your guest room with soft and indirect light, then you can always think of installing the LED track lights in the room. While placing the lights, do pay attention to the artworks placed in the room. This fixture will make your guest room look superb.

  • LED Track Lighting for Museums

Lights can illuminate each corner of a place and make it attractive. For example, installing LED track lighting in a museum with paintings or any wall art will give a distinctive look. This can make your gallery look stunning and give it a more contemporary look.

  • LED Track Lighting for Retail establishments

The most typical place where the usage of LED track lights is common is retail establishments. In retail establishments, it becomes difficult to place the ceiling lights to illuminate the way. However, these beautiful lights can prove effective in illuminating the ways. You can place them in the center of the ceiling and place LED track lighting bulbs on both racks. This is quite easy to do as the lights are Omni-directional.

  • LED Track Lighting for Hallways

Illuminating hallways is one of the most difficult and costly tasks, but it can be made easier with the LED track lighting for Hallways. So, if you want a cost-effective solution to make your long hallways brighter, this can be a good choice.

  • LED Track Lighting for Kitchen 

The most important part of every establishment is the kitchen. If you want to make it more bright and attractive, LED track lighting for the kitchen should be your choice. It will change the look of your space completely. 

LED Lights

Track Lighting Components

Just like any other thing, track lighting does have different components. If you wish to have it at your place, you need to know about these components as they will help you select while setting up your lighting.

1. Head

It is a movable piece of the LED track lighting strips that hold the light bulb. It is available in the market in various styles, including Pendant, Round back, Gimbal, Pinhole, and many more.

If you are looking for the head, before starting your search, give some time to know your choice. Once you are clear, then you start your hunt. But do find the brand that offers you a wide variety of options for heads. 


2. Tracks

This part of the track lighting system is mounted on the ceiling or wall of the space where you want to place it. These are available in the market in a wide range of colors and finishes. So, such a wide range to select from makes it easier for you to get the best suited for your home.

The power is supplied to these tracks by connecting it to a power feed consisting of a copper strip inside it. This is responsible for conducting electricity and allows you to place the track in the position of your choice. Since it is installed in the ceiling, the installation and removal of the LED track become easier. 

There are different options available for installation as well. So if you want to go for the customized track lighting systems, they should be installed with the help of a professional. On the other hand, the simple tracks can be installed easily at home without the help of any specialized person.

3. Light bulbs

When it comes to LED track lighting bulbs, the most commonly used options are reflectors or GU10 bulbs. However, the selection of the bulb depends on the type of head. So while choosing the bulb, make sure that it goes with your lamp or head.

In case you have selected the pendant heads, then you might need the bulbs like Carbon filament. This is one of the most preferred options for visible bulbs. This will add elegance to your place because of the unique shape which they inherit.

LED bulbs use much less energy and produce less heat than standard incandescent or halogen bulbs.

NameColorsLight per BarMountStyleBulb TypeLight TemperatureBulbs IncludedReviewsLink
7be1bc28-c6d2-4606-a120-478fbd4fa8d9.__CR0,0,600,180_PT0_SX600_V1___.jpgNickel, Black3, 4, 6CeilingModernGU10 Led (No Dim)5000kYes696 (4.6 stars)
globe electricBlack, Silver3, 4, 6CeilingModernGU10 (Sold Sep)2700KNo2640 (4.4 stars)
BOKT industrialBlack, Gold1, 2, 3, 4CeilingModernGU10114 (4.6 stars)

Best LED Track Lighting Options Available On the Market 

Here we have for you some of the most rated and preferred options of LED track lighting.

●    LANGREE Round 4- Light Track Lighting Fixtures

If you want to have a budget-friendly, still stunning LED track lighting fixture, this can be a good choice. This is one of the most viable brands for LED lighting. In this LED track lighting fixture, you have a total of 4 lights, and the power used is 4watts. However, this doesn’t limit its brightness. The LED track lighting system comes with a warranty period of 1.5 years and is a very reliable option at an affordable rate. Check the Price



  • 4 lights
  • 4watt per bulb
  • 1.5 years warranty


  • Cost-Effective Track lightings
  • Good quality product 
  • Offers warranty


  • This is not one of the brightest opinions 

●    LEONLITE LED Track Head Lighting

This is one of the popular LED track lighting fixture brands. It is considered an ideal option for illuminating large rooms and is very powerful.

The fixture also offers 4lights that, at times, is quite less for the buyers. The watt rating of the fixture is 8.5 watts which are higher than others. The fixture comes with a warranty period of 5 years. 



  • 8.5 watts per bulb
  • 4 lights
  • A warranty period of 5 years


  • Affordable
  • Warranty card
  • Supreme quality


  • Comes with only 4 bulbs.

●    CANARM LTD Track Light

This is the newest brand in LED track lighting fixtures and other accessories related to lighting. It also offers budget-friendly products. The brand also offers 4 bulb sockets in an LED track lighting fixture. But the unit per bulb is quite high. It offers 50 watts of unit per bulb and comes with a warranty period of 1 year.



  • 4 lights
  • 50 watts
  • 1-year warranty


  • Supports high power bulbs
  • Decent design
  • Good quality


  • It doesn’t include bulbs.

This is not it; there are many more options available in the market. You can always check the variety available and choose the best one that not only fits your budget but offers maximum features and design options.

LED Track Lighting Heads Dimmable

When installing the tracks, it becomes essential to control the brightness of the bulbs. This can be done with the help of dimmers. These dimmers are available in almost all the fixtures and can be used to control the ambience of the place where they are placed. If you install dimmable bulbs, it will also help in the conservation of power. Here are a few things that you must know before installing the dimmers.

Firstly determine if your fixture works on line voltage or low voltage. This will help you decide the type of bulbs to be used and how your dimmer will work.

Line Voltage: You can control the dimmers with the switch if you use incandescent bulbs. But you have to confirm that you have line voltage as it will not work with low voltage.

Low Voltage: In the case of low voltage, there are two varieties, one is magnetic dimmers, and the other one is electronic dimmers.

This might have helped you understand the dimmers available in your LED track lighting fixture that can add more elegance to your place.

How to Control Dimmers?

You can control the way the dimmer works depending on your requirement. 


● If you want a dimmer to work on a single switch, you can use a single dimmer that will have control of the things. 

● You can choose the multiple dimmer option that will help you control the brightness of different locations according to your requirements.

● If you are willing to have the option of turning on from both sides, in the case of step lights, then you must install switches on both sides. This will give you control of your steps from both sides.


For a good reason, track lighting has been around for a long time. Its straightforward installation, endlessly variable configuration choices and wide range of lamp designs & track finishes make it easy to integrate into any home’s aesthetic.

We hope this will help you choose the best option for yourself, and you will take care of everything while choosing the fixtures.

Can you use LED lights in track lighting?

Yes, there are LED lights for all types of track lighting

Is track lighting out of style?

No, track lighting is very much in style

Are LED track lights dimmable?

Yes, LED lights are dimmable

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