Dimmable LED Strip Lights

Dimmable LED strip lights and switches have become a much-desired feature for many homes and companies worldwide, thanks to advancements in LED technology. Dimmable LED lights can be used to change the atmosphere and ambiance of a room, save energy and last longer than traditional lamps. So it’s good for your pocket as well as the environment.

This article covers everything you need to know about dimmable LEDs, from getting started to the benefits and how to fix frequent problems.

If you want to get acquainted with the benefits and other details of dimmable LEDs, then you must move ahead.

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What’s the Deal with Dimmable LED Lights?

Dimming LED strip lights operate in two ways, one of them is Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and the other one is analog. Think about how they’re different before you go any farther. 

PWM: Unlike incandescent lighting, this form of LED dimming does not rely on voltage to control the degree of brightness. Rather, it makes use of the ON/OFF cycle to accomplish its goals. The best thing is you won’t be able to notice that lights are on or off, as it just takes milliseconds to get it completed. 

The best thing about dimming LED lights is: dimming down 60% you will see almost no noticeable light reduction, but there will be a 60% reduction in power usage.

For example, 

If you dim the light for 40%, then the cycle will be on for 40% of the time and later will be off for the rest 60% of the time. Hence, it gives them the best result without changing the applied voltage. 

Analog dimming is a more straightforward method of dimming.

To dim or brighten the lights, the analog relies on managing the current. Lowering the current predictably dims the lights; raising the current, on the other hand, brightens the light.

Once you have understood the working of the dimmable LED strip lights, it’s time to understand the advantages associated with the strip lights.

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What are the Benefits of Dimming LED Strip Lights?

There are various advantages to utilizing dimmable LEDs, whether you’re merely wanting to save money on energy costs or want to improve the ambiance of your house.

Here’s what to anticipate.

● Energy Saving

Dimmable LED strip lights are power savers. They use around 75% less energy when compared with others. Dimmers assist save energy by lowering the amount of power that flows through a light while it is on. This is the most dominant advantage that provokes the population to rely upon and use LED strip lights.

● Flexible Light Choices

In LED strip light, the only thing that can restrict your options is your imagination power. Other than this, there are a lot of varieties available in the market that lighten your place.

● Long-lasting

The use of dimmable LED strip lights increases the lifetime hours of the light. On average, the LED strip lights can last up to 40,000 to 50,000 hours, but the dimmable LED strip lights have a longer life than this. So, you can trust them for long hours.

If you use the dimmable LED strip lights on a battery, they last much longer and use very little power.

● Easier to see

The LED strip lights make it easier to see the objects far away. If you use the dimmable LED in your vehicle, it will be visible during the bad weather and night hours. This makes them good for the eyes. The 12v Dimmable LED strip lights are the ones that can be used in cars, and they help in seeing further objects.

● Heat Generation is less.

When compared with the other lighting options, dimmable LED strip lights produce less heat. This makes them a safer lighting solution. In addition, they are easier to handle because of their less heat generation properties. You can even light them the whole night, without any fear of getting hot or catching fire.

● Environment Friendly

The major advantage of these dimmable LED strip lights is that they don’t generate any waste, as they are long-lasting. So it takes years for them to get replaced. Their long life span bestows them the potential to reuse and decrease junk. This makes them an incredible option for going green.

● Programmable and Custom

Dimmer buttons with a twistable knob can be utilized to efficiently regulate the dimming effect when making use of dimmable LEDs. In addition, remote controls, mobile phones, and even your voice may now be used to lower certain LED bulbs, thanks to current technologies.

These LEDs can also be programmed to establish settings and are associated with completely automated lighting control systems. This provides you with the option to create the mood you want with a single button press.

● An ambiance that can be changed

Lighting is utilized to create a room’s ambiance, which is crucial for how people feel and even how they do jobs in that place. When fixtures are restricted, dimmable LEDs are a fantastic solution to give several lighting levels in a room.

For viewing a movie, for example, low-level dimming may be favored, but they may be set to a stronger light when reading afterward.

● Over Time Cost

LED light strips are inexpensive to maintain because they last a long time and consume little energy. This conserves your wealth because you don’t have to spend frequently on buying new lights. This is in addition to the environmental usefulness of utilizing less energy.

● Variety of Color Options

The best part of the dimmable LED strip lights is that it offers you a large range of color options. Each of them is clear and easily visible. You will be astonished to discover the color options offered by the strip lights.


Dimmable LED Strip Light Issues

Just like any other problem, LED dimming issues are also avoidable. What matters is the double-checking of the set and careful installation of the light. To avoid the symptoms mentioned above, keep these three items in mind:

● Check to see if the LEDs are dimmable. Unfortunately, dimming LEDs isn’t possible with all of them.

● LEDs that are cheap and unproven can cause complications. As an alternative, we advise you to seek a product that has been thoroughly examined and tried by others. So, for the greatest results, do your study or consult with a lighting professional.

● It is important to read and understand the features of the LED strip lights; this is important because not all the lights are dimmable.

Electrical problems can develop in the majority of circumstances using today’s technology. Dimmable LED lights, however, are no exception. Here are several frequent concerns with LED lights, whether you’re seeing ‘dead zones’ or flickering as you increase the brightness with your dimmer:

● When using a dimmer switch, flickering refers to the rapid, intermittent pulsating of your lamps.

● Lights can strobe continuously, but not so often, similar to flickering.

● When you try to boost the brightness of your lights, they will pop on. Likewise, you’re experiencing ‘pop on’ if your LEDs suddenly switch on at a stronger level than you’d expect.


Dimmable LED strip lights are one of the best lightings that can be used to light up your place and even can be used in cars. Recently, it has emerged as a respectable option. All you should do is to take adequate care and analysis before you purchase the LED strip lights. 

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