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Top 10 Best LED Strip Controllers

An LED strip controller is used for multiple purposes. Centralized control of the LED strip lights, Timer controls to turn the lights on/off at a specified time, and scene-setting to enjoy the LED strip lights to the fullest are some of the major features of an LED strip controller. 

In addition to this, there are many other reasons why you should use a LED strip lights controller with your LED strip lights. In most cases, people use an LED strip lights controller when they want to have a cool ambient environment in indoor/outdoor setups. 

Gamers and TikTokers are the people who find these controllers the best fit for their needs with LED strip lights, but the benefits are not limited to only these people. 

In this guide, we will walk you through some of the main features of an LED strip lights controller, and will also share the Top 10 Best LED Strip controllers that our team has handpicked for you. 

How does a LED Strip Lights Controller work? 

It uses 2.4Ghz wireless protocols to send instructions from the remote/smartphone to the LED strip controller. The data/instructions are transferred from the smartphone to the cloud via WiFi and are then implemented. 

Top features of an LED Strip Lights Controller

Here’s the list of top features of an LED strip lights controller: 

Centralized control 

You can control your LEDs that are installed in a different part of your space from a centralized location. Apps are used to control LEDs in areas that are far from your location through WiFi. 

Soft start 

This is also one of the mostly-used features of an LED strip lights controller. Normally, people do not want their lights to light up to high brightness in just a click. Gradual lighting is more comfortable for the eyes, and it also doesn’t have a high current impact. 

Timer Control 

You can set the LED strip lights to gradually increase brightness at 7:00 am in the morning, or gradually decrease brightness after 8:00 pm. Timer control helps you set different timings for your LEDs. 

Scene Setting

The most prominent feature of any LED strip lights controller is scene-setting. You can set different scenes, modes, and effects on your LEDs with the help of the LED strip controller. In fact, the controllers are marketed based on the scene-setting features they provide. 

Difference between an RGB and RGBW LED Strip Controller

RGB LEDs use a 3-in-1 chip consisting of Red, Green, and Blue-chips. On the other hand, RGBW, or RGB+W LED strip lights use 4-in-1 chips consisting of Red, Green, Blue, and White chips. 

The basic architecture of these LEDs is different, and that’s what makes their controllers different as well. The frequency and architecture of RGB and RGBW strip controllers are different from each other. 

Why my LED Strip Lights Controller is not working?

If your LED Strip controller is not working, try restarting both the strips and LED strip lights controller. If after restarting, the LED strip lights controller still doesn’t work, then you might be having the following issues: 

  1. The battery of your LED strip lights controller is dead. 
  2. You’re not using the right type of LED strip lights controller with your LEDs. RGBW strip controllers will not work with RGB strip lights and vice versa. Also, make sure the codes on both the strips and LED strip lights controller match. 
  3. The connection between the strips and LED strip lights controller is not strong or their polarity does not match. Try reconnecting after aligning the polarity of both connectors. 

Do LED Strip Lights need a controller?

RGB strips use red, green, and blue LEDs to create a variety of colors including white. However, this white will appear with a purple hue. RGB controllers are required for color selection as well as speed, brightness, and mode control.

These strips must be used with RGB accessories.

Can you use a different controller for LED lights?

Yes, you can use a different controller for LED lights. When you use a LED strip lights controller with any LED, you must make sure that both the strips and the controller have the same code.

If the codes are matched, you can just use a different remote. In order to find out the compatible remote control for your LED strips, refer to the documentation that came with your LEDs kit.

If you cannot find that guide or any reason you are unable to find a matching remote control, there are a ton of universal remote controllers that work with any LED strip light.

How do you use a LED strip lights controller?

LED strip lights controllers are used for two main purposes: 

  1. To have centralized control over your lights. You can turn them on/off and can switch between modes from a distance. 
  2. To enjoy different features such as scene-setting, timer controls, and color-chasing. 

How do I connect my LED lights to my controller?

Here’s how you can connect your LED lights to your controller: 

Step 1: Connect the strip lights with the LED strip lights controller. Make sure the polarity sign is aligned with each other. If not, the controller won’t work. 

Step 2: Plug the power supply into the power outlet. 

Step 3: Connect the controller to the power supply. 

Top 10 best LED Strip Lights Controller for 2021

Here’s our list of Top 10 Best LED Strip lights Controller for 2021: 

1. Smart WiFi LED Controller, RGB Led Strip Lights Wireless Controller, Compatible with Alexa & Google Home & IFTTT, Free Magic Home App via iOS or Android Smartphone (2 Pack)

best led strip controller

The first LED strip lights controller on our list is the one from Aubric. The WiFi LED strip controller is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Use it with their official apps to enjoy all the features. 

Key Features 

  • Over 16 million color options to flexibly change the color; personalize your light with different colors according to your mood, a good choice for living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, bar, TV.
  • Color Changing Sync to Music

Choose Music or Mic Mode on APP, the lights’ color will change according to the music. In other words, the lights will dance to the music. 

  • Alexa / Google Voice Control

By connecting your LED strip lights to the LED strip controller, you can perform all the actions and use all the features through voice commands. 

  • Timer Control

By setting up the timer function, you can turn the strips on/off at a specified time with your favorite color/mode. 

2. HaoDeng WiFi Wireless LED Smart Controller, Compatible with Alexa&Google Assistant & IFTTT, Working with Android, iOS System and RGB LED Strip Lights, Comes with 24 Keys Remote Control

best led strip controller

The 2nd LED strip lights controller on our list is from HaoDeng. The Wireless LED strip controller is compatible with all the major virtual assistant apps and works with all devices. The controller comes with 24 keys remote as well. 

There are three ways you can control LED lights with this wireless LED strip controller: 

  1. .24-Key Versatile IR Remote
  2.  Voice Control :
  3. Remotely Control by Smartphone:

Technical Specifications

  • 1.Input Voltage:DC(12-24)Volts
  • 2. Working Temperature:-20-55℃
  • 3.Max Output Power:144W
  • 4. Suitable System on Smartphone: Android 4.3 or IOS 7.0 or higher
  • 5.Dimension:53MM*24MM*11MM
  • 6.Power Connector Size: 5.5mm X 2.1mm
  • 7. Control Distance: Visible distance 30M
  • 8. Weight: 43g

Key Features: 

4-key infrared control instruction: (For controllers with infrared function)

16 million color control

You can adjust both the color RGB(Red/Green/Blue) as well as the brightness of the color. It’s likewise possible in this function to adjust and store 5 own created colors and brightness levels.

Timer & Remote Control

Light timer You can have your lights automatically turn on or off in a specified time by setting up the timer.

Remote Control: The app allows you to control your lights when you are not at home or on vacation.

Music Mode & Group Control

Music Mode: The app allows you to play your favorite music and the light will automatically change, you and your friends are carnivals at the funny party.

Group Control: Control each wifi bulb individually, or together as a group.

20 Gradients

In this capacity, 20 gradients are preset. In addition, you can adjust the speed of the gradients with a slider. With the keys M+/M- or scroll up and down you can switch between the gradient modes.

3.  Nexlux WiFi Wireless LED Smart Controller Alexa Google Home IFTTT Compatible, Working with Android, iOS System, GRB, BGR, RGB LED Strip Lights DC 12V 24V(No Power Adapter Included)

best led strip controller

The third on our list is the wireless LED strip controller from Nexlux. The controller is compatible with all major Operating systems through the app. It works with both 24V and 12V LED strip lights. 

Key Features  


Wake up and put yourself to sleep. On /off at set timer with favorite color; We can use the timer functions for waking up and setting a more ambient mood at bedtime. 


By using the Mic function and Music Function, the light strip dance with the rhythm of music, it is a Party essential!


Works well with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Voice control your led light strip using the voice commands in your choice of smart home devices.

4. Yiliaw 44 Key IR Remote Controller Wireless, Rectifier Control Box, DC 12V 3A Power Supply Adapter, for 2835 3528 5050 RGB LED Strip Lights Flexible Tape Lighting

best led strip controller

The LED strip controller from Yiliaw is 4th on our list because of its rich features and compatibility with all major types of LED strip lights. 

Package includes

1 x 44Key Remote

1 x 2 Port Controller Box

1 x 12V 3A power adapter

2 x 4 Pin male to male connectors.

1 x Instruction manual

This LED light controller uses 12V input power and has a 4 contact plug for RGB strips. When installing just line up the marked arrows.

You can choose between many different solid colors, solid white, flashing, strobing, adjust brightness, and on/off all from the wireless remote.

This simple to used 44-key IR RGB controller to control our RGB flexible LED strips.

Key features 

  • 20 colors for choice
  • JUMP3: 3 colors jump change
  • JUMP7: 7 colors jump change
  • FADE3: 3 colors gradient
  • FADE7: 7 colors gradient

It also could adjust the brightness of the static color and change the speed of the color changing.

Technical Specifications for the package: 

DC 12V 3A led power adapter

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Output Voltage: DC 12V

Output Current: 3A max

Output Wattage: 36W max

Power Cord Length: 3.6ft

2 Port 44 Key RGBIR Remote Control

Working temperature: -20℃+45℃

Remote distance: within 25 FT

5. Goldwin Smart WiFi 4 Pin RGB LED Controller, LED Strip, LED Panel Light, LED Lamps, Dimming Color Changing Wireless Remote Control Compatible with Alexa Google Assistant IFTTT Voice Command Control

best led strip controller

This Wireless LED strip controller from Goldwin has all the features that a modern LED strip controller has. It supports Google Assistant and Alexa, you can use these virtual assistants to enhance your experience with the LED strip lights. 

The package comes with a 12-month warranty and it includes: 

3 * WiFi Controller

3 * 4 Pin Connector

3 * User Manual

Key features 

Timer Control  

Music Sync Mode 

Use with all the smart home devices 

Control Remotely from anywhere

Technical Specifications

Color Channel: RGB

Max Output current:12 A

Max Output power:144 W

Working Voltage: DC 5V to 28V

Fitting device: RGB LED Strip lights or other Constant Voltage Lights

6. LED Strip Light Controller, with APP Control and Music Sync Mode, with Unlimited Colors, Adjust and Timer Function, LED Controller to Update RGB Strip, Smart Bluetooth RGB Controller with IR Remote

best led strip controller

The 6th best LED strip controller on our list is from the Sunity Store. This Wireless controller can be controlled by an Android/iOS app. You can connect the controller with your smartphone through Bluetooth and enjoy the rich features. 

This LED Controller is designed to update your 10mm RGB strip. If your RGB light is the old version and can only be controlled by the traditional way of 24 keys remote control, this LED strip controller is what you need.

There are two ways you can download their app

For iOS users: 

1. Please scan the QR code and download the ‘LotusLanternX’ APP from APP Store.

2. Please directly search ‘LotusLanternX’ in APP Store and download the ‘LotusLanternX’ APP.

For Android Users: 

1. Please scan the QR code and download the ‘Lotus Lantern’ APP from Play Store.

2. Please directly search ‘Lotus Lantern’ in Play Store and download the ‘Lotus Lantern’ APP.

The package includes:

  1. One 3-Button Control Box
  1. One 24-Key IR Remote
  1. Two Packs of 4-Pin male header
  1. One Pack 3M Adhesive for Control Box Install
  1. User Instructions about APP & Control Box & IR Remote

Key features

Unlimited Colors Adjust

Enjoy your warm and light-colored home. Your RGB strip Light will have more colors than RGB. The APP ‘Adjust’ Function enables unlimited colors to adjust. 

Music Sync Mode

Invite your friends to your home and brighten up your party with music and changing lighting color. Enjoy party and festival holiday moment. With Built-in Sensitive Mic, start your music and the light will dance with music under the music mode. With the Mic Mode, the light will sync with any music/sound/voice.

Schedule Timer Mode

With our LED light controller, your RGB light can also be a sweet timer. You can do a schedule setting and make your RGB light off at your sleeping time and light on at morning waking time. It is time to update your RGB light and control it in smarter ways.

7. Smart WiFi RGBW LED Controller 2-Output 5 Pin with 24-Key Remote, Compatible with Alexa&Google Assistant, Voice/APP/Music Control Strip Lights for Android/iOS System, WiFi LED Controller Only(New)

best led strip controller

The LED strip controller from GIDEALED is a 2-output 5-pin controller that is suitable for RBGW LEDs. As we have discussed above, an RGBW LED strip controller should only be used with RGBW LEDs, and not RGB-only versions. This LED strip controller has a good number of rich features that make it a top choice. 

Key features 

  • 2-Output Style:

Smart WIFI 5 PIN LED Controller has 2 output ports, meaning it could power 1 or 2 rolls(16.5ft/32ft) of 12V-24V RGBW Light Strips together. 

  • Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant:

Voice Control your 5 pins RGBW led light strip with Alexa or Google Assistant, turn on/off your light, changing/dimming brightness and colors. (For the best use please install it after connecting near WiFi and reset it before use!)

  • App & Music Control:

Download the”Magic Home Pro“ APP to your mobile phone, control your RGBW strip lights freely, schedule it to turn on/off at a preset time. Lighting up your life with your favorite Music; Million Colors Changing for you(Important) connect your phone to your home wifi network(2.4GHz WiFi only).

  • Group Management:

You could add more than one controller in your home, control your light strips with each LED WIFI controller individually, or many at the same time as a group by assigning to groups as following your needs. (Please note that it is for 5 Pin light strips only not for 4PIN).

  • Enjoy Smart life:

Comes with 24 Keys IR Remote. You control your light strips in more ways.DIY your creative lighting to make your life more fun and set led light strip to power on with the morning sun, gently waking you, or turn on and off as you leave or arrive home. 

8. BTF-LIGHTING LED Strip 5 in 1 Miboxer WL5 2.4 GHz WiFi Controller Compatible with Alexa Google Home Smartphone APP Control for Monochrome RGB RGBW WW+CW RGBCCT LED Strip Work With B1 B2 B3 B4 Panel

best led strip controller

The 5-in-1 LED strip controller from BTF-Lighting is a Wireless solution and is compatible with all smart home apps. The controller has its own smartphone app that can be used to access all the features of the LED strip controller. It is suitable for all major types of LED strip lights. 

Key features and technical specifications: 

Model: WL5

Product Name: 5 IN 1 WiFi LED Controller

Item size(LxWxH):125x38x23(mm) / 4.9×1.5×0.9(in)

RF: 2.4GHz

Control Distance: 30m (98.42ft)


Input voltage: DC12V or DC24V (It depends on what LED strip you use)

Output: 6A/Channel (Total Output Max 15A)

Working Temperature: -20-60℃

Communication Mode: WiFi-IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz or 2.4G RF

Compatible LED strip: FCOB COB 3014 5630 3528 2835 5050RGB 5050RGBW 5050RGBW+CCT 5050 WW+CW

Compatible Remote control :

Remote control series: FUT006/FUT007/FUT92/FUT095/FUT096/FUT088/FUT089

Panel series: B0/B3/T3/B4/T4/B8/FUT087/B1/T1/B2/T2


The working voltage is DC12 or 24V, the controller will be broken if the voltage is higher than 24V.

Please check whether the input voltage of the constant voltage power supply is in accordance with the controller, and please check the polarity of the connection.

Please don’t use a controller around the metal area and high magnetic field, otherwise, it will badly affect the controller. 

9. DUNZHITECH 2-Port 44 Keys RGB IR Remote Control for 5050 2835 3528 RGB LED Strip Lights Output Voltage DC12V-24V LED RGB IR Remote Control

best led strip controller

The DUNZHITECH LED strip controller is the best choice for your 5050 2835 3528 RGB LED strips. The package includes a 2-port 44-keys IR remote control that has a set of rich features that enhance your experience. 

Technical Specifications

  • The output voltage of adapter: DC12v-24V
  • Working temperature: -20℃+45℃
  • Remote distance: within 25 FT (8m)

Key Features 

  •  Under the modes: JUMP3. JUMP7. FADE3. FADE7. FLASH. AUTO can speed up the change (8 levels)
  • Under the modes: JUMP3. JUMP7. FADE3. FADE7. FLASH AUTO, can slow down the change (8 levels)
  • JUMP3. JUMP7. FADE3. FADE7 and FLASH mode automatically cycle
  • Turn on the white light strobe mode
  • JUMP3: 3 colors jump change
  • JUMP7: 7 colors jump change
  • FADE3: 3 colors gradient
  • FADE7: 7 colors gradient

10. Led Light Remote Controller Full Kit, 2-Port 44 Keys Wireless IR Remote with Receiver for RGB 5050 2835 3528 LED Strip Lights

best led strip controller

The last LED strip connector on our list is from Vilsom Store. It is suitable for 5050,3528,2835 led light strips. 

Package includes: 

1 x Remote, 

1 x Controller, 

2 x 4PIN Connector, and,

1 x user manual. 

Key Features 

Remote control with 20 static colors, each color can be dim/brighten


  • Quick color change
  • Slow color change 
  • Auto color change 
  • Flash color change
  • 7 color fade change 
  • 3 color fade change 
  • 7 color jumpy change 
  • 3 color jumpy change 
  • R /G / B increase and decrease control

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