Top 20 genius LED strip lights Hacks for

Top 20 Genius LED Strip Lights Hacks

LED strip lights have completely changed the way we illuminate houses. Cost-effective, they can be connected to almost anything to create amazing effects indoors or outdoors.

Although this is more complicated than simply putting the lights in place, you can purchase a kit that contains everything you need. Click or scroll to see these great ideas for using LED strip lights in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Turn on the reading light

Turn on the reading light and place the bar light on the bedside to provide a softer ambient reading light than the bedside light.

If you want to fall asleep while reading, your partner will thank you, and will also highlight and make lightly Bedside features.

Inspiring simple solutions.

LED strip lights are interesting functions in rooms that may lack personality, or they work well in unusable rental properties and have been changed too much.

The colorful blue stripes attached to the bottom of the modular bookcase add a modern mood light to this small living room space. Most importantly, it can be removed without a trace.

The impressive rose-colored

LED strip lights can achieve amazing effects in a small space. A simple LED strip lights attached to the shelf opening, and the blush tone of this dresser is enhanced with iridescent pink tiles.

We believe that once the door is closed, you will be taken to a colorful, relaxing, and atmospheric relaxing space.

Display Cabinet

The display cabinet turns the daily display cabinet into a dim display by adding LED strip lights bars at the top or bottom.

Install glass doors to keep your favorite items fully protected and dust-proof.

Highlights for the Kitchen

LED strip lights are used as downlights for kitchen skirting boards. Once the main light is turned off, the skirting boards will create a stylish atmosphere.Top 20 genius LED strip lights Hacks for

If you have recently laid new floors, then they are a must-have cheap supplement to show off your new look.

Make the wardrobe full of charm Use LED strip lights to add luster to the bedroom closet and to add luster to the built-in wardrobe. The warm light gives the space some charm, creating a soft, comfortable elegance.

Let the Bathroom shine.

Use the LED strip lights to light up the cubic shower room and add a hotel-like texture to your bathroom.

LEDs are usually splash-proof, but for safety, choose waterproof LED strip lights; then use them to highlight tile alcove shelves or create a futuristic feel by framing the edge of a shower screen or shower tray.

The adaptability of the original electrified

LED lighting makes it an effective material for creativity. This stunning green cactus light is designed by attaching a string of neon LED strip lights to a black metal grill with clamps and plastic zippers.

Artificial leaves and branches complete the wall art with a tropical atmosphere. Use this holiday lights video tutorial to make one for yourself.

Light up the wine cellar

Give the customized storage items the stage expression it deserves. Otherwise, this elegant wine shop will look dim and unobtrusive when built under the stairs, but the LED strip lights in the door frame definitely add surprises.

Luminous Bookshelf

Adding LED light bars above or below the shelf is probably the easiest technique for highlighting family photos, accessories, and books with an ambient halo.

LEDs usually operate at low wattages, so when they are used on a shelf in a children’s room, they are also a relaxing night light.

Dresser & Tables

A super simple way to update a tired bathroom, add a strip light under the wall-mounted dressing table to create an atmosphere of warm light and increase the sense of space. You can even choose motion control lighting to make it a practical night light.

 Light up your terrace

In the summer months, there is nothing better than entertaining on the terrace, but as the night starts to attract some LED strip lights, they are the perfect choice for creating a private space.

In addition to the frame doors and the shape of the protruding house, this terrace design also uses spotlights in social areas.

Accentuate Stairs

Accentuate Stairs has a stylish, modern, and practical appearance by adding LED strip lights to the treads of modern stairs, suitable for evening walks.

The corridor is a great place to have fun, so why not choose a different color, such as turquoise blue, or even choose a color-changing LED light bar to express your opinion.

Enhancing the Kitchen Niche

Install LED strip lights in the kitchen niche to combine form and function. When combined with other kitchen lighting solutions, they can be used as practical work lights for cooking and cleaning while creating a charming atmosphere.

 Try using Philips

Hue light strips for color therapy have been proven to have a real impact on the way our brains and natural biological rhythms work, and Philips has developed their Hue light strips so you can personalize your important space.

Relax in the soothing orange to fall asleep, or cheer up in the blue flashes of the morning. Multifunctional strips mean that there are no rules when it comes to decoration!

Illuminate Cabinets

LED strip lights can be easily cut into suitable sizes or installed under furniture, making your accent lighting look like expensive customization.

You don’t need to bend over to open them all the time, because many come with convenient remote controls. Placing LED strip lights under the cabinet and dressing table will maximize the sense of space.

Light up the niche

Use LED strip lights in your decoration to enhance the feel of your living room. This is an attractive and original way to highlight interesting architectural elements.

We like the way the circular niches come to life, but you can also try this technique on key furniture such as sofas or sideboards.

Highlight your garden furniture

As the night progresses, illuminating your garden furniture will bring a comfortable and warm atmosphere to your terrace area. The LED strip lights are hidden under the seating area bathe the entire courtyard of this garden with light.

Upgrade your tech

On the back of the screen, just like your TV, not only does it look good, but it can also help relieve eye strain by compensating for the brightness of the screen.

Known as “polarized lighting”, the use of LEDs around computer screens and TVs may mean that they have higher color intensity and black contrast, which will improve image quality.

The ceiling LED

Ceiling light can create a subtle lighting effect in any situation. room. Decorative cornices, painting tracks, or crown moldings will accommodate LED light bars and provide optimized downlights.

The choice of color will affect the style of the room; soft white or yellow can look warm and gorgeous, or choose navy blue or green for a more modern and bold character.

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