How to Hide LED Strip Lights

Lately, LED lights play a crucial role in decor, be it for houses, commercial spaces, or cars. They have turned out to be an essential decorative item that is inexpensive and illuminates the area nicely. 

These LED strip lights are easily installable and can be cut to the desired size with the help of proper techniques without causing any harm to the circuit. The LEDs are available in different lengths, colors, and types.

This article will discuss the many ways on how to hide LED strip lights and wires to make your place more clean and attractive.

Most LED strip lights consist of adhesive backing and can stick to a smooth surface. The circuit board of these lights is adaptable and can be attached to anything. There are small LED bulbs that can also be fixed to tape or metal strips.

Now, if you are looking for ways that can make your place more elegant and hide the wires of LEDs or light strips that can easily be placed so that they are not visible, but continue to illuminate the area, then you are at the perfect place.

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Many ways to hide LED strip lights

What Is The Best Way To Hide LED Light Strips?

LED lights not only look attractive but also illuminate the place where they are fixed, but hiding them is most important because you should see the indirect glow of the LED lights, not the direct LED lights themselves.

Let’s look at the following ways to hide the LED strip lights:

● At the bottom and flanks of the room: 

If you want to make your room more attractive, then you must place the LED strip light at the bottom of the room. You can even fix it in the sidewalls or molding to add more brightness to your kitchen or bedroom.

● Around the Mirror’s Corner Edge:

You can even hide and fix the LED strip light on the sides of the mirror, which will give a better illuminating effect.

● Hidden behind the TV:

You can fix the LED strip lights behind a TV or other entertainment equipment. This can improve your mood and change the watch experience when you turn on the device.

● Under the Bar Top:

You can fix the LED strips under the Bar pointing to the ground. This can improve your mood and provide a nice glow on the wall underneath the bar. See the Cable Hider below.

● At the foot of the Bed: 

If you want to change the ambiance of your room, then LED strip lights can be a good option. Placing it at the foot of the bed can refresh you.

● Edges of Coffee Table

To give a modern and attractive look to your coffee table, you can place the LED strip light hidden all around the edges of the table.

● On the Door Frame:

If you want to make the look of your door more appealing, then you can fasten the LED strip light to your door frame.

● Behind the Chairs:

You can be a bit more creative and beautify your experience of sitting comfortably by fixing the light strips behind the chairs.

● On the sides of the Stairwell: 

Another thing you can do to add more beauty is to fix the LED light strip in the standpoints of the stairwell, which will make it look like a stylish entrance. This can be more useful during the night hours. 

● Under the Gravel Tracks of the Entrance: 

To invent an elegant look, you can install the LED light strip beneath the gravel tracks of the entrance doorstep.

● Fastened to the Nooks of Artwork: 

You can attach the LED light strip on the edges of the paintings or any other craft piece. This will improve the look of the art and make it more appealing and add elegance to your place. 

Now, we have for you the ways through which you can prevent the visibility of wires of LED strip Lights. 

How to Hide LED Light Strip Wires?

● Drop Ceilings: 

The first and foremost thing that you can do to hide the LED light strip is to fix it on the top of the ceiling horizontally. To get the desired lighting effect, a drop ceiling lip is required.

Fix it to the crown molding of the ceiling and hide it with a thin cable hider channel.

The strip should be mounted horizontally close to the drop ceiling lip. Coving and cornices can be found in similar places. Try to fix the LED tape with a coving lip as far away as possible from the rear wall.

● Under Shelves

Put the sticky side of the LED strip under a shelf pointing down if below eye level. If above eye level, attach to the top side of the shelf pointing up.

● Plastic molding and a wooden tray 

If you want to hide the sides, you can also go for plastic molding and wooden trays.

In the former case, mold the edges of the plastic so that the strip is fitted. In the latter one, you can cut the tray to match the wall.

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● Hide with a Glue Gun: 

You can also trim the strip light to the size of the tray and fix the tray with the help of a glue gun.

● Use a Cable Hider

This is another great option to hide the cables. No one likes their room to be cluttered with cords. Use this cable hider under bars and tables.

Just be sure to not snap on the cap part (pointed to in blue) so the light can reflect downward.

how to hide led strip lights and wires
Cable Hider for LED Strip Lights

Though it can be a difficult task for many, you can easily hide the wires with this method. Read more about it here. See the cable hider we use.

● Hide the LED light strip using a Hizze Plate: 

A Hizze Plate with hooks and holes enclosing can be used to hide the LED light strip.

● Hide LED light strips with wire nails: Wire nails are usable in various sizes and are utilized to fasten LED light strips to the wall.


LED light strips are the primary choice of people because of their glowing effects. They are available in a wide variety, with different colors, at reasonable rates. But they can be a huge mess and can even ruin the look of your place if not fixed properly.

So, if you want to achieve the desired result and improve the ambiance of your room, then you must use them in a hidden way.

We have introduced you to the various ways of hiding the LED light strips that can add value to your place. You can choose any of them and make your room glowing and more stunning.  

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